No. 178-ITPO/Parking/Engg/15-16                     Dated: 30/07/2015        Phone: 23371683

                                                     Notice Inviting Bid( Selection Criteria )

Sub:  Operation of Parking area Opp. Gate No.1 near Bhairon Mandir, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi for 12 months  (Technical & financial Bid.)      

             The  Manager (Civil), Engineering Division, Room No. 144, India Trade Promotion Organization, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi re-invites applications for the auction of Parking area opp. Gate No.1 near Bhairon Mandir, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi for the above period . The selection of bidders for financial bid, the following criteria shall be followed:-

1. Those agencies having minimum experience of having successfully completed similar works during     last seven years ending last day of the month previous to the one in which the tenders are invited

 a)Three similar works costing not less than 40% of the reserved price , or

 b) Two similar works costing not less than 60% of the reserved price, or

 c) One similar work costing not less than 80% of the reserved price.

( If any work is continued for more than one year than the proportionate amount of one year will be considered as cost of work)  

 d) Similar work means operation of parking/scooter stand for PSUs, Municipal Corporations, DMRC, Govt. departments, etc.  Certified copies of allotment letters & satisfactorily completion certificates of the job from the concerned officers/ clients at various places are to be submitted alongwith Technical Bid. 

2. Minimum annual turnover of Rs.60.00 lakh /year during last three years.  Copies of the audited accounts will be submitted as proof of the turnover. 
3.  Employees Provident Fund Account No., ESI No., Service tax No.  & PAN No.

4. If the agency is not having the ESI & EPF Registration number, they may be considered for participation in tendering process but the succcessful bidder have to get the ESI & EPF Registration number with in 10 days after receiving  the letter of acceptence from ITPO & the before thking over the possession of the site. If the successful bidder have failed to submit the ESI & EPF number with in this time their tender will be treated as canceled & their Earnest Money shall be forfeited.           

5.        The condition no. 1 to 2 of Notice Inviting Bid (Selection criteria) will not be applicable for the Ex-servicemen Security Agencies employing Ex-servicemen empanelled with Directorate General Rehabilitation and they will be eligible to submit financial bids. 

          The financial bids shall be opened only those bidders whose technical bids found to be successful and the technicaly successful bidder shall be communicated separately. The entire process will be evaluated by a designated committee appointed by the Deptt. 

The Technical & Financial Bids must be submitted in separate sealed envelope superscripting clearly on the face of envelope.  Tender forms for financial bid can be had from the office of the Manager (Civil) Room No. 144, Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan New Delhi between 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM on all working days up to 07.08.2015. The tender cost of Rs.1050/- is non Refundable.

        The date of submission of bids in tender box kept in above mentioned room (both Technical & Financial) is upto 3.00 PM on or before 10.08.2015 and the only Technical bids will be opened at 3.30PM on same day

 Service tax &TCS as applicable (at present Service Tax 14.00% & TCS 2%) on quoted amount shall be paid by successful bidder to ITPO separately along with total bid amount within 10 days after receiving letter of acceptance from ITPO & before taking over possession of the site. No Part Payment will be accepted.

        The tender documents can also be downloaded from our website &

 and same can be down loaded and used as tender document for submitting the tender.  However, the cost of tender form as mentioned above is also to be paid in the shape of Demand Draft issued in favour of ITPO and to be enclosed with the tender while submitting the tender.  In case the tender is not accompanied with the valid demand draft for the cost of tender document and earnest money, the tender will summarily rejected.