India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)

Recent Amendments in MDA Guidelines

Number of participating companies is not less than 10

Amendment in MDA guidelines vide letter No 9/12009-E&MDA dated 26 August 2010. In para II of of above said letter it is mentioned that in so far as the proposed export promotion projects seeking assistance under MDA scheme, during financial year 2011-12 ( April 2011- March 2012) is concerned, MDA assistance will also not be available for organizing/ participating in Trade Delegations by EPCS/TPS. MDA assistance will also not be available for participation in Trade Fairs/Exhibition organized with less than 10 participating exporters”.

MDA would not be given to the exporters with NIL export in preceding year

As per circular No 8/2/2010-E&MDA dated. 15.6.2010 of Ministry of Commerce & Industry that it would not be appropriate to provide assistance to exporters with nil export in the preceding year.

IRAN has been covered under WANA

This is with regard to Marketing Development Assistance Scheme's guidelines of Ministry of Commerce & Industry revised w.e.f. 01.04.2006 vide which Countries covered under different Focus Area/Sector i.e. Focus L.A.C, Focus Africa (Including WANA countries), Focus C.I.S. & Focus ASEAN+2 (Australia & New Zealand) were intimated. Please note that Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Commerce, E&MDA Division vide their letter No 16/5/2012 –E&MDA dated 6th November have intimated that Country IRAN has been covered under WANA countries for seeking assistance under Marketing Development Assistance.