India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)

Knowledge Management - Fair Services

Sl. No. Name of Division Circular/ Letter No. Date of Upload Subject Details
1 Fair Services - 31-07-2018 compliance with the existing guidelines on certain activities connected with the overseas exhibitions of ITPO. Click here
2 Fair Services FS-1/001/2018 27-07-2018 Desk System in FS-I Division Click here
3 Fair Services 11/197/2016-E&MDA 26-03-2018 MAI Scheme 2018 Click here
4 Fair Services EXH:POL:5(1)/2010 06-03-2018 Affidavit to be obtained from all participants of overseas events Click here
5 Fair Services ORDER No. 7/2018 02-02-2018 Revised norms for deputation of ITPO Officials Click here