Procedure followed in the decision making process, including channel of supervision and accountability

The Head of each Department is responsible for the work relating to that Department. The Departmental Heads report to the Executive Director who coordinates the work of the organization under the overall supervision and guidance of Chairman & Managing Director. The work performed by each of the Departments is given below:

i) Fair Services-I

The Foreign Fairs Department organizes participation by trade and industry in India in various overseas trade fairs & exhibitions abroad. It also organizes India Exhibitions in various target markets overseas. The program of participation in various fair abroad are chalked out after studying trends of trade and potential in various markets. These after approval by the Department of Commerce are adopted for implementation. Some of these are self-financing events and others depending on the products/country are provided some budgetary support by the Department of Commerce.

In the case of each fair, space is booked with the organizers and thereafter it is marketed among the Indian trade and industry. The participants are provided various assistance for successful participation in the fair, which can also include dispatch and return of the exhibits, recommendation letters for getting visas, etc.

ii) Fair Services -II

ITPO organizes several trade fairs in India at Pragati Maidan and other Centres in the country. While some of these are international fairs such as IITF, Tex-Styles India, IILF, Chennai, Printpack, etc. there are other fairs which are meant only for the domestic market. Each fair is marketed among trade and industry and an extensive campaign is also launched for inviting buyers and other trade visitors. The show décor is given due importance and ITPO has been holding a number of these fairs successfully each year.

iii) Fair Services -I (Business Development Unit)

The Marketing Department is responsible for marketing of the various exhibitions halls, conference centres and theatres in Pragati Maidan. In addition the Department organizes the India International Leather Fair at Chennai.

iv)Corporate Communication Services (1. Publicity and PR Unit 2. Printing & Publication Activities Unit)

The Commercial Publicity Department looks after publicity in the Print and Electronic media for various ITPO events organized in India and abroad. It also interacts with the media for getting wider publicity for ITPO activities. The Printing Unit brings out various brochures and other publicity material for the events.

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v) Trade Information, Relations & Policies (TIR&P)

The Department is engaged in providing trade information to trade and industry at large through the medium of a modern Trade Portal: tradeportalofindia.com. The Trade Portal has 12 GB of information and it gives particulars of Indian exporters for various products, overseas importers, trade statistics, links to other trade related sites both in India and abroad, trends in trade, etc. Access to the Trade Portal is through an Associate Membership. The Department brings out a weekly Trade Information Bulletin which has a circulation of nearly 4,000 and sent to all Regular and Associate members. The Department organizes IT India Fair covering the high growth IT sector and the first event was organized during December 2004. The TID also looks after all overseas trade delegations visiting during IITF.

vi) Security, Cultural & Protocol Departments

These Departments respectively look after the various areas indicated. The Protocol Department in particular looks after Inauguration of various ITPO events at Pragati Maidan. The Security Department looks after entire security in Pragati Maidan during fair days and non-fair days. The Cultural Department organizes cultural activities such as Film Shows, Cultural Evenings, etc. at Pragati Maidan.

vii) Engineering Services - (Architect Unit, Design & Display Unit

The Engineering Department looks after the upkeep of the 16 Exhibition Halls, Conference Centres, Theaters as well as overall maintenance of the Pragati Maidan Exhibition Complex. It runs a sub-station in Pragati Maidan and also organizes Stand Construction and other facilities during ITPO organized events. They liaise with third party organizers of fairs. The Architecture Department prepares the Hall layouts for the ITPO organized events and approves layout drawings of third party organizers of fairs in Pragati Maidan. The Technical Department assist ITPO in designing brochures and other publicity material as also the décor and get up through suitable buntings, signage, during the ITPO organised events. The Audio Visual Unit prepares short films on the various important ITPO events such as IITF and also assists with various power point presentations, mike system, etc.

viii) Finance and Corporate Services

The Finance Department looks after all accounting functions of the organization. This includes maintenance of the accounts and bringing out the balance sheet and income & expenditure statement each year.

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ix) Company Secretary

The Department looks after all the Company Secretary functions including holding of Board Meetings from time to time. They also look after work relating to signing of MOU each year with Department of Commerce.

x) Law Department

The Law Department looks after various legal matters relating to the organization.

xi) System Development & Compliance Services (SD&CS)

The Computer Department looks after the computerization needs of the organization. It has dedicated servers where various data from different Departments of ITPO is stored. The information is backed up on a regular basis. The Department also provides internet and e-mail facilities to the officers and staff in ITPO. It looks after drawing up a panel of website agencies for developing websites for various fairs organized by ITPO in India and abroad.

xii)Vigilance Department

The Department looks after all vigilance related matters and also keeps the various Departments regularly informed of the rules and regulations in this regard.

xiii) Personnel and Administration Services

The Department looks after Administration, Stores and General Section. Besides promotions, pay fixations, leave and other matters, they also look after the training requirements of the organization. Stores Division operates under Administration Department.

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