Engineering Division

 No. 178-ITPO/misc. /Engg/2015-16                                                             Dated: 29.05.2015


The Manager (Civil), Engineering Division, Room No. 141, India Trade Promotion Organisation, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on behalf of CMD, ITPO re-invites sealed percentage rate tenders for the following work from approved and eligible contractors of ITPO, CPWD and those of appropriate list of Department of Telecommunications, M.E.S., Railways up to 3.00 PM on 8.06.2015, which will be opened on the same day by him (or) his authorized representative at 3.30 PM. 


Name of  work

Time for Completion

Estimated Cost

Earnest Money

Cost of Tender


R/M & Upkeep of ITPO premises at Pragati Maidan during 2015-16






Making drainage arrangement  at AC Plant near Hall no. 18 & water proofing at side gutters at roof of Hall no. 12 & 12 A


60 Days





Restoration work in LAN Room No. 126


60 Days




Earnest Money should be deposited through Bank Draft drawn in favour of India Trade Promotion Organisation, New Delhi (or) cash deposited with the Cashier in Cash Section of ITPO (less than 10,000/-) and Bank Draft/Cash Receipt to be sent with the tender document, while submitting the same.              

Conditions and tender forms can be had from the office of the undersigned on production of PAN NO., Service Tax No & TIN NO., ESI & EPF Registration No., copy of D-vat & Service Tax return/clearance certificate upto date of last quarter between 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM on all working days up to 5 .06.2015 for the tender cost mentioned as above (Non Refundable).

 The tender document is also available on our website & and same can be down loaded and used as tender document for submitting the tender.  However, the documents required such as two DDs towards Cost of Tender and Earnest money (Demand Draft should be in favour of India Trade Promotion Organisation, payable at New Delhi) should be enclosed in one envelop to be marked “Cost of tender & Earnest money” as well as Registration with the department as mentioned above, PAN Number, TIN Number, Service Tax Number, ESI , EPF Registration Number and copy of D-vat & Service Tax return/clearance certificate upto date of last quarter should be enclosed in another second envelope to be marked “Eligibility Bid”  .  The Financial bid and schedule of quantities is to be submitted in separate envelopes marked “Financial Bid for………”, for each work specified in the table above.

These envelopes i.e., “Cost of tender & Earnest Money”,  â€œEligibility Bid” and “Financial Bids” should be put in one envelop, properly sealed and submitted to Manager (Civil), Room No.141

.The Financial bids will be opened only of those agencies qualified to tender as per the eligibility criteria.  In case the tender is not accompanied with the above and tender does not qualify as per the eligibility criteria, the tender will summarily rejected



Manager (civil)