India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)

Knowledge Management - Finance Division

Sl. No. Name of Division Circular/ Letter No. Date of Upload Subject Details
1 Finance Division 280/2020 20-03-2020 Processing fee for issue of 204 CA certificate for non deduction of TDS on payments ITPO. Click here
2 Finance Division Admin/169/2020 20-03-2020 Inspection Reports & Procurements from GEM portal Click here
3 Finance Division - 23-11-2019 Pension Unit Click here
4 Finance Division 205-ITPO/M A/cs/2018-19 29-11-2018 Cash Payments above Rs. 10,000/- Click here
5 Finance Division - 12-06-2018 Payment Gateway services Click here
6 Finance Division - 02-05-2018 Timely issue of Advance Receipt by Respective Divisions. Click here
7 Finance Division ITPO/Salary/Gen./2018-2019 02-05-2018 Overtime allowance Claim of Employee of ITPO Click here
8 Finance Division ITPO/Salary/Gen./2018-19 02-05-2018 Smooth functioning of Salary and PF units of Finance Division. Click here
9 Finance Division 205-ITPO/MA/cs/6(A)/2016-17 18-04-2018 Annual Closing of accounts for the year 2017-18. Click here
10 Finance Division ITPO/F&A/(HS)/BCS/2017-2018 11-04-2018 Circular regarding Input Tax Credit (ITC). Click here
11 Finance Division 205-ITPO/MA/cs/6(A)/2017-18 27-03-2018 Annual Closing of Accounts for the year 2017-18. Click here
12 Finance Division 205/ITPO/Fin./2017-18 19-02-2018 Timely forwarding of Bills to Finance Division for Claiming Input Tax Credit(ITC) under GST. Click here
13 Finance Division 205/ITPO/FIN./IC/RKT/2017 03-11-2017 Payment of bills/invoices under Goods & Services Tax (GST) Click here
14 Finance Division - 25-08-2017 M/S Chanda Wadwa & Co. has been appointed as Internal Auditor of ITPO. Click here
15 Finance Division - 25-07-2017 Circular for forwarding the (bills) for payment to Finance and Account division. Click here
16 Finance Division 205/ITPO/Rev-Section/GST 30-06-2017 Implementation of GST w.e.f 1st July 2017 . Click here
17 Finance Division - 16-06-2017 Change in the date of training session on GST from 19.06.2017 to 20.06.2017 . Click here
18 Finance Division - 14-06-2017 Goods and Service Tax (GST) Circular . Click here
19 Finance Division 205-ITPO/MA/cs/2016-17 25-04-2017 Finalization of Annual Accounts for 2016-17 Click here
20 Finance Division 205-ITPO/M/A/cs/Computerisation/2016-17 30-03-2017 Go-Live of Tally Accounting Software w.e.f 01-04-2017 Click here
21 Finance Division - 15-03-2017 Payment of Service Tax on Outstanding dues/TDS for the financial Year 2016-2017. Click here
22 Finance Division 205-ITPO/MA/cs/6(A)/2016-17 07-03-2017 Annual Closing of Accounts for the year 2016-17 Click here
23 Finance Division - 06-03-2017 Go Live of Tally Accounting Software Click here
24 Finance Division 205- ITPO/REV/SER TAX/2016-17 27-05-2016 Increase in rate of Service Tax from 14.5% to 15% Click here
25 Finance Division 205/ITPO/S.TAX/2015-16 03-06-2015 Revision of Service Tax rate w.e.f. 01.06.2015 Click here
26 Finance Division No.1/Misc./SGM(FA)/ITPO/2012-13 15-05-2012 Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) in line with the financial rules and other instructions Click here
27 Finance Division 1/ITPO/F&A/M(SKV)/Misc.(Payments)/2012 13-01-2012 Furnishing of RTGS/IFSC Code for Payment upto Rs 50,000/- Click here
28 Finance Division No.1/Misc/SG??(FA)/ITPO/2011-12 04-10-2011 Approval of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Click here