India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)

Knowledge Management - Engineering Services

Sl. No. Name of Division Circular/ Letter No. Date of Upload Subject Details
1 Engineering Services 177-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 12-03-2020 Award of work - Providing vitrified flooring on newly constructed 7FGH building Click here
2 Engineering Services 180-ITPO/Misc./Engg./19-20 03-03-2020 R/M & Upkeep of ITPO premises of Pragati Maidan during 2019-20. Click here
3 Engineering Services 177-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 27-02-2020 Setting up of stalls for commodity fairs at Pragati Maidan during 2019-20. Click here
4 Engineering Services 180-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 14-01-2020 Providing and laying sewer line and S.W drain at different locations of Pragati Maidan during 2019-20 Click here
5 Engineering Services 180-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 14-01-2020 Replacement of G.I sheet gutters for roofing of Hall No-12 & 12 A and rain water pipes of Hall No 9 to 12 A Click here
6 Engineering Services 180-ITPO/Parking/Engg./20-21 07-01-2020 Award Letter : Operation of parking area Opposite gate number 1 near Bhairon Mandir, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi for Twelve Months i.e from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020. Click here
7 Engineering Services 177-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 01-01-2020 Construction of hanger i/c air conditioning for New Delhi World Book Fair 4-12 January,2020 (all on hire basis) Click here
8 Engineering Services 177-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 01-01-2020 Maintenance of horticulture work at Pragati Maidan up to 31/08/2020 Click here
9 Engineering Services 180-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 08-11-2019 Award Letter- Re-plastering of outer wall, RCC panels of beams, columns of electrical substation of Hall No. 7 (A to H) i/c replacement of rottened MS base plates of water storage tank of Hall No. 9, repair to rolling shutters at Hall No. 9 to 12A and substations etc & providing SFRC covers on cable/ drains ducts i/c water proofing treatment of electric sub-station No. 1 of hall No. 7 etc at Pragati Maidan. Click here
10 Engineering Services 180-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 07-11-2019 Award letter- Providing on hire basis wire mesh and GI sheet barricading for IITF 2019 and other fairs at Pragati Maidan during 2019-20 Click here
11 Engineering Services 180-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 06-11-2019 Award of work - Automated Mechanised housekeeping. Click here
12 Engineering Services 177-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 05-11-2019 Award of work - Laying of RMC on damaged CC pavement road from gate No - 1 Click here
13 Engineering Services 180-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 31-10-2019 Making mechanised conservancy/ sanitation arrangements and automated housekeeping in the outer areas i/c general toilets at ITPO premises (existing area) i/c Hiring of Tipper Trucks & loader for removal of garbage/ malba from Pragati Maidan premises to dump at MCD SLF site, Ghazipur/ Okhla or nearby designated area by Delhi Govt for 12 Months. Click here
14 Engineering Services 180-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 30-10-2019 Erecting of Brick partition at office complex near Hall No 12 for IT store, erecting of Aluminum partition for creating passage of emergency exit at office complexes over foyers of Hall No 9 & 10 Click here
15 Engineering Services 177-ITPO/Misc/Engg/19-20 28-10-2019 Award of Letter - India international Co-Operative Trade Fair,Oct 11-13, Pragati Maidan,New Delhi. Click here
16 Engineering Services 177-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 28-10-2019 Miscellaneous civil work in and around Hall No-7(AtoH),New office complex near Hall-7D & FGH,gate & gate complex 1,11,Lounge A,B And C, at gate-1 and prantik building,Hall 8-12 A,A.C Plant,electric sub station etc Click here
17 Engineering Services 180-ITPO/Misc/Engg/19-20 24-10-2019 Award of Work-Finishing work at hall 7 (A-H), office accommodation near Hall No. 7D, FGH, Hall No. 8, 9 ,10, 11, 12 & 12A, office accommodation near Hall No. 12, Gate & Gate complex No. 1, 8, 10 & 11, Asian Games Village complex flats, barricades, flag poles etc. Click here
18 Engineering Services 177-ITPO/Misc/Engg./19-20 24-10-2019 Award of Work- R/M & up keep of ITPO premises at Pragati Maidan during 2019-20 . Click here
19 Engineering Services 177-ITPO/(Misc.)/Engg/2011 28-11-2011 Levy of water charges from Third Party Organizers Click here