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Sl. No. Name of Division Circular/ Letter No. Date of Upload Subject Details
1 Administration Division No.Admin-11024/1/2024-ADMN - ITPO 18-07-2024

Office Order No.Admin/613/2024

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2 Administration Division ITPO (2)/EI/2022 15-07-2024

Office Order No.Admin/593/2024

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3 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(1)/E-I/2021 12-07-2024

Office order no.admin/591/2024

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4 Administration Division Order No.Admin/578/2024 08-07-2024

Appointment of Lt. Col Deependra Mishra, Corps of Engineers, Indian Army as GM(Works) in ITPO on deputation basis.

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5 Administration Division No.admin-11012/1/2023-ADMIN-ITPO-Part(1) 05-07-2024

Office Order No.Admin/548/2024

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6 Administration Division No.admin-11012/1/2023-ADMIN-ITPO-Part(1) 05-07-2024

Office Order No.Admin/546/2024

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7 Administration Division No.admin-11012/1/2023-ADMIN-ITPO-Part(1) 05-07-2024

Office Order No.Admin/551/2024

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8 Administration Division No. 4-ITPO(4)/E-I/2024 28-06-2024 Engagement of one Consultant (MEP) in ITPO on a Contractual Basis (Application Form) Click here
9 Administration Division No. 4-ITPO(4)/E-I/2024 28-06-2024

Engagement of one Consultant (MEP) in ITPO on a Contractual Basis

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10 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(1)/E-I/2021 20-06-2024 Circular No.Admin/37/2024 Click here
11 Administration Division 15 ITPO(I)/E-I/2019 18-06-2024

Circular No.Admin/28/2014

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12 Administration Division No.5-ITPO(5)/E-I/2010 Vol-I 14-06-2024

Office Order No. Admin/519/2024

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13 Administration Division No. 9-ITPO(2)E-I/2020 14-06-2024

Office Order No. Admin/521/2024

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14 Administration Division No.7-ITPO(1)E-I/2023 14-06-2024

Office Order No. Admin/520/2024

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15 Administration Division No.7-ITPO(1)E-I/2023 14-06-2024

Office Order No. Admin/953/2024

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16 Administration Division No.9-ITPO (2)/EI/2024 11-06-2024

 Order No. Admin/506/2024 

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17 Administration Division No.Admin-11012/1/2023-ADMIN-ITPO 11-06-2024

 Order No. Admin/504/2024

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18 Administration Division No.Admin/11028/1/2024-ADMIN ITPO 10-06-2024

Office Order No.Admin/501/2024

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19 Administration Division No.Admin/11027/1/2024-ADMIN ITPO 10-06-2024

Office Order No.Admin/500/2024

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20 Administration Division No.2 ITPO(1)/E-I/2021 04-06-2024

Office Order No. Admin/460/2024 dated 04/06/2024 reg. all files will be routed through SGM

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21 Administration Division No.5-ITPO(1)/E-I/97 Part File 31-05-2024

Office Order No. Admin/936/2013 dated 20/09/2013 and Office Order No. Admin/471/2013

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22 Administration Division Ref.No 2-ITPO(1)/E-I/2021 29-05-2024

Office Order No.Admin/436/2024

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23 Administration Division No.11-ITPO(1)/E-I/2020 27-05-2024

Office Order No.Admin/428/2024

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24 Administration Division No.11-ITPO(1)/E-I/2020 27-05-2024

Office Order No.Admin/424/2024

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25 Administration Division No 2-ITPO(2)/E I/2005 27-05-2024

Circular reg. Handing Over and Taking Over

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26 Administration Division No.11-ITPO(1)/E-I/2020 22-05-2024

Office Order No. Admin/424/2024 - Lt. Col. Harsh Kondilya, OSD(Admin) has been assigned the charge

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27 Administration Division Rules and Regulations 20-05-2024 Recruitment Rules Click here
28 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(1)/E-I/2021 20-05-2024

Order No.Admin/606/2021

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29 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(2)/E-I/2019 20-05-2024

Order No.Admin/868/2021

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30 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(1)/E-I/2021 20-05-2024

Order No.Admin/540/2021

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31 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(1)/E-1/2021 20-05-2024

Order No.Admin/53/2021 & Order No.Admin/161/2021

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32 Administration Division 15-ITPO(1)/EI/2019 13-05-2024

 International Day of Yoga (IDY) countdown event to be organized on 19.06.2024

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33 Administration Division No.9-ITPO(6)/E-I/98 Vol-I 10-05-2024

Prevention of sexual harassment of Women Employees at workspace

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34 Administration Division ACT(2013) 09-05-2024

PoSH Act

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35 Administration Division No.Admin/27/2024 03-05-2024

voluntary retirement scheme

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36 Administration Division 11-ITPO(1)/EI/2014(Part I) 03-04-2024

Swachhata Pakhwada 2024 Action Plan

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37 Administration Division FnA-17017/1/2024-FnA-ITPO 03-04-2024

Contributions under Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF)

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38 Administration Division No.9-ITPO(4)/EI/2020 03-04-2024 Circular No.admin./22/2024 Click here
39 Administration Division Admin-11014/3/2023-O/o HOD (Admin)-ITPO 26-03-2024 Office Order No.Admin/182/2024 Click here
40 Administration Division No.Admin-11014/1/2023-ADMIN-ITPO 18-03-2024

Appointment of Sh. Rakesh Chandra Sharma, Special Secretary, Dept. of Culture, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh as General Manager (Information System) in ITPO for a deputation period of three years w.ef 06.03.2024 (A/N).

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41 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(1)/E-l/2021 27-02-2024 Office Order No. Admin/122/2Q24 Click here
42 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(1)/E-I/2023 23-02-2024 Office Order No.Admin/120/2024 Click here
43 Administration Division No.9-ITPO(4)/E-I/2005 23-02-2024

Office Order No.Admin/116/2024

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44 Administration Division No 9.-ITPO(4)/E-I/2005 23-02-2024

Office Order No. Admin/116/2024 dated 23/02/2024 regarding Shri Suresh Kumar Chawla, DM has been nominated as Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO).

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45 Administration Division No.4-ITPO(8)/E-I/2023 20-02-2024

Office Order No. Admn./107/2024

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46 Administration Division No.5-ITPO(1)/E-I/2014 Vol-1 15-02-2024 Office Order No.admin./93/2024 Click here
47 Administration Division No.Admin/6/2024 23-01-2024

26th Jan( Flag hoisting ceremony) 

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48 Administration Division 9-ITPO(6)/EI/2022 11-01-2024 Use of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) logo on Ministry's/Department's website, portals stationary items, events and prominent places in the premises. Click here
49 Administration Division no.admin/963/2023 26-12-2023

Principal Employer Registration

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50 Administration Division Order No. Admin/953/2023 19-12-2023

 Setting up of Internal Grievance Committee for persons belong to Scheduled Tribes (ST) Community.

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51 Administration Division No.Admin/69/2023 08-12-2023

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Prevention Week

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52 Administration Division No.Admin/928/2023 05-12-2023 Shri Narayan Prasad Yadav, Manager(F&A/Cs) posted to Finance Division. Click here
53 Administration Division No.5-ITPO(2)/EI/2020 30-11-2023 Office Order reg. nomination of Principal Employer. Click here
54 Administration Division File No.5-ITPO(2)/E-I/2007 23-11-2023 Employees Pension Scheme 1995 Click here
55 Administration Division No.admin/881/2023 08-11-2023 Distribution of Admit-I passes to the officials of ITPO at headquarters for IITF 2023 Click here
56 Administration Division No.admin/883/2023 08-11-2023

Distribution of Admit-I passes to the retired ITPO  employees for IITF 2023

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57 Administration Division No.admin/885/2023 08-11-2023

Distribution of Admit-I passes for each Divison/Section/Unit for IITF-2023.

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58 Administration Division Admin/29/2023 18-05-2023 Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) Click here
59 Administration Division Admin/26/2023 11-05-2023 List of Hospitals/Labs/Eye Centres on Panel of ITPO. Click here
60 Administration Division Admin/266/2023 09-05-2023 Austerity/Economy measures: regarding review of perks and allowances (RCM:1/2023-24) Click here
61 Administration Division Admin./24/2023 25-04-2023 Vivad se Vishwas I - Relief for MSEs : Revised Order. Click here
62 Administration Division Admin/22/2023 17-04-2023 Fire Service Weeks is observed in ITPO from 14-20 April, 2023 and Fire Safety and Fire Warden training on 18/04/2023. Click here
63 Administration Division Admin/20/2023 13-04-2023 ITPO (HQs & ROs) will remain closed on Friday, the 14th April 2023 on account of Birthday of Dr. B R Ambedkar. Click here
64 Administration Division Admin/21/2023 13-04-2023 ITPO celebrate 132nd Birth Anniversary of Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar on 17/04/2023 at 1:00 p.m. in the Auditorium of Hall No.8 Click here
65 Administration Division Admin/19/2023 05-04-2023 Award ceremony to be held on 06.04.2023 at 03:00 p.m. in Hall No. 8, Conference Hall in connection with 37th AAHAR-The International Food & Hospitality Fair 2023. Click here
66 Administration Division Admin/19/2023 03-04-2023 Consolidated list of Hospitals/Labs/Eye Centres on Panel of ITPO till 30/04/2023. Click here
67 Administration Division Admin/18/2023 31-03-2023 VRS 2019-reg Click here
68 Administration Division Admin/114/2023 27-03-2023 Allocation of work. Click here
69 Administration Division Admin/17/2023 20-03-2023 Employees Pension Scheme 1995 Click here
70 Administration Division Admin/14/2023 10-03-2023 Restrictions under Rule 144(xi) of the General Financial Rules (GFRs), 2017 – reg. Click here
71 Administration Division Admin/12/2023 07-03-2023 Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav(AKAM) Click here
72 Administration Division Admin/62/2023 17-02-2023 Optimum utilization of eOffice Lite (eFile) product suite of NIC in ITPO. Click here
73 Administration Division Admin/9/2023 16-02-2023 Employees Pension Scheme 1995 Click here
74 Administration Division Admin/64/2023 16-02-2023 Assumption of Charge to the Post of ED, ITPO by Rajat Agarwal,IAS( PB:2003) Click here
75 Administration Division Admin/7/2023 08-02-2023 Circular no. Admin/6/2022 dated 02/02/2022 are one again reiterated. Click here
76 Administration Division Admin/83/2022 30-01-2023 VRS last date extended upto 31/03/2023. Click here
77 Administration Division Admin/5/2023 23-01-2023 Minute–to–Minute schedule for the Flag hoisting Ceremony to be held in ITPO on 26.01.2023 Click here
78 Administration Division Admin/4/2023 20-01-2023 Circular no. Admin/4/2023 reg. Republic Day. Click here
79 Administration Division Admn/19/2023 17-01-2023 Revised Rental and Policies of the Exhibition Halls. the associated facilities and few of the facilities in the Convention Centre at Pragati Maidan. New Delhi. Click here
80 Administration Division Admin/72/2022 05-01-2023 Holidays to observed in ITPO's HQs during the year 2023. Click here
81 Administration Division Admn/68/2022 04-01-2023 reg. IITF 2022 Click here
82 Administration Division Admin/01/2023 03-01-2023 Awards and Decorations- regarding. Click here
83 Administration Division - 24-12-2022 CORRIGENDUM- in reference to the Office Order No. Admin/744/2022 dated 23/12/2022 regarding perks and allowances. Click here
84 Administration Division Admin/744/2022 23-12-2022 Austerity/Economy measures : regarding review of perks and allowances. Click here
85 Administration Division Admin/699/2022 29-11-2022 Housekeeping Unit will be a part of Works Division. Click here
86 Administration Division Admin/76/2022 22-11-2022 Celebration of Constitution Day on 26.11.2022 Click here
87 Administration Division Admin/691/2022 22-11-2022 Additional Admin-1 passes to the officials of ITPO. Click here
88 Administration Division Admin/77/2022 22-11-2022 Observance of Armed Forces Flag Day and contribution to Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF) Click here
89 Administration Division Admin/73/2022 19-11-2022 Publicizing G20 logo and theme during India’s Presidency Click here
90 Administration Division Admin/663/2022 10-11-2022 House Rent Allowance Click here
91 Administration Division Admin/661/2022 09-11-2022 Complimentary passes to retired employees Click here
92 Administration Division Admin/660/2022 09-11-2022 Complimentary passes to various divisions/units etc Click here
93 Administration Division Admin/659/2022 09-11-2022 Complimentary Passes to ITPO Officials Click here
94 Administration Division Admin/67/2022 01-11-2022 Swachhata Pakhwada Pledge Click here
95 Administration Division Admin/631/2022 26-10-2022 Office order number Admin/631/2022 regarding award of contract on nomination basis. Click here
96 Administration Division Admin/622/2022 25-10-2022 Office Order No. Admin/622/2022 dated 21/10/2022 reg Shri Sanjay Vashishtha, Manager has been nominated as the Nodal Officer in place of Smt D N Batra, Manager Click here
97 Administration Division Admin/755/2022 03-10-2022 Nodal Officer from India Trade Promotion Organisation for regular monitoring/follow up with DPE/DoPT with regard to 'Mission Recruitment'. Click here
98 Administration Division Admin/60/2022 03-10-2022 VRS 2019 extended upto 31.12.2022 Click here
99 Administration Division Admin/569/2022 29-09-2022 Posting and Transfer Click here
100 Administration Division Admin/570/2022 29-09-2022 merger of E-II & E-III and CR Unit with Vigilance Click here
101 Administration Division Admin/562/2022 21-09-2022 ITPO Delegation of Financial Power. Click here
102 Administration Division Admin/56/2022 20-09-2022 Advisory regarding hiring of certified skilled workforce by CPSEs/CPSUs and its service providers under Skill India. Click here
103 Administration Division Admin/545/2022 08-09-2022 Attendance missing upto twice in a month in the record of biometric attendance machine, will now be regularised at the level of HoD. Click here
104 Administration Division Admin/546/2022 08-09-2022 The Circular No.40/2020 dated 04/12/2022 is withdrawn. Click here
105 Administration Division Admin/53/2022 06-09-2022 Granting of exemption from applicability of Department of Expenditure O.M. No.6/18/2019-PPD dated 23/07/2020 w.r.t. restriction under Rule 144(xi) of General Financial Rules (GRs) 2017 Click here
106 Administration Division Admin/52/2022 01-09-2022 Covid Vaccination Amrit Mahotsav Click here
107 Administration Division Admin/50/2022 25-08-2022 Updated Manuals for Procurement of Goods, Services and Works-reg Click here
108 Administration Division Admin/46/2022 12-08-2022 The Flag Code of India, 2002- Displaying/Hoisting/use of the Indian National Flag under the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ Campaign- reg. Click here
109 Administration Division Admin/47/2022 12-08-2022 Har Ghar Tiranga Initiative of M/o Culture. Click here
110 Administration Division Admin/436/2022 26-07-2022 staff/officers will be allowed two short relaxations. Click here
111 Administration Division Admin/418/2022 14-07-2022 Office timings w.e.f. 18/07/2022 Click here
112 Administration Division Admin/40/2022 14-07-2022 Request for removal of Solvency Ratio as a criterion for participation in General Insurance related Tenders of CPSEs and Government Departments. Click here
113 Administration Division - 08-07-2022 DFPR Amendment Click here
114 Administration Division Admin/38/2022 06-07-2022 Har Ghar Tiranga Initiative Click here
115 Administration Division Admin/36/2022 05-07-2022 Two hospitals empanelled with ITPO till 31/03/2023 Click here
116 Administration Division Admin/364/2022 28-06-2022 Merger of FS II with BDD and re-designation of FS-I Click here
117 Administration Division Admin/351/2022 22-06-2022 Link officer order Click here
118 Administration Division Admin/342/2022 17-06-2022 ITPO Delegation of Financial Powers, General Rules, Sl. No.17 stands amended. Click here
119 Administration Division Admin/30/2022 08-06-2022 Har Ghar Tiranga Click here
120 Administration Division Admin/28/2022 03-06-2022 Some hospitals empanelled with ITPO till 31/03/2023 Click here
121 Administration Division Admin/279/2022 25-05-2022 Transfer/Posting order Click here
122 Administration Division Admin/269/2022 20-05-2022 The officers/officials have been assigned to look after the work of “Housekeeping Unit” under the charge of OSD(Admin). Click here
123 Administration Division Admin/252/2022 11-05-2022 New Housekeeping unit will be a part of Administration Division Click here
124 Administration Division 15-ITPO(1)/E1/2019 09-05-2022 Action Plan for International Day of Yoga-21.06.2022-regarding Click here
125 Administration Division Admin/19/2022 18-04-2022 131st Anniversary of Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar on 19.04.2022 at 11:30 am Click here
126 Administration Division Admin/16/2022 07-04-2022 Circular No. Admin/16/2022 dated 05/04/2022 regarding VRS-19 has been extended upto 30/09/2022 (From 01/04/2022) Click here
127 Administration Division admin/188/2022 05-04-2022 Austerity/Economy Measures of ITPO Click here
128 Administration Division Admin/155/2022 10-03-2022 Duties of Estate Officer ITPO -regarding Click here
129 Administration Division 11-ITPO(1)/EI/2014(Part1) 03-03-2022 Action Plan for Swachhata Pakhwada(1st November to 15th November,2022) Click here
130 Administration Division Admin/105/2022 11-02-2022 Duties Charges Click here
131 Administration Division Admin/92/2022 07-02-2022 following instructions/guidelines for strict compliance by all officials at ITPO HQs. Click here
132 Administration Division Admin/6/2022 03-02-2022 All types of Circulars/Orders/Rules issued by different Divisions must carry a serial number & file number and a master file of circulars issued by each division may also be maintained. Click here
133 Administration Division Admin/5/2022 02-02-2022 Digital APP of Government of India Dairy and Calender in 2021. Click here
134 Administration Division Admin/84/2022 02-02-2022 Regarding Duty Roster. Click here
135 Administration Division Admin/4/2022 28-01-2022 Procurement of Products and Services Click here
136 Administration Division Admin/67/2022 28-01-2022 Feedback Report regarding IECC Project Site to include Convention Centre(L1, L2, L3 & L4). Click here
137 Administration Division Admin/39/2022 24-01-2022 Nominated as Trustee Click here
138 Administration Division Admin/2/2022 24-01-2022 Observe silence for two minutes at their respective places on 30/01/2022(Martyrs’ Day) at 11.00 a.m. in memory of those who gave their lives in the struggle for India’s freedom. Click here
139 Administration Division Admin/3/2022 24-01-2022 Extension of validity of Department of Expenditure OM dated 12.11.2020 regarding performance Security-reg Click here
140 Administration Division Admin/34/2022 21-01-2022 Special provision for treatment of period of absence due hospitalisation/quarantine period during recent surge of COVID-19 cases Click here
141 Administration Division Admin/36/2022 21-01-2022 Reconstituted Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees at workplace-regarding Click here
142 Administration Division Admin/28/2022 19-01-2022 Dr. K.M Soni, as Consultant in ITPO is extended for a further period of six months from 13/01/2022 to 12/07/2022. Click here
143 Administration Division Admin/15/2022 07-01-2022 Assistant Manager(N/F) & equivalent and above are attend office on regular basis. Click here
144 Administration Division Admin/66/2021 03-01-2022 Extension of VRS-2019 upto 31.03.2022 reg. Click here
145 Administration Division Admin/870/2021 30-12-2021 Omicorn guidelines for ITPO Officials-regarding Click here
146 Administration Division Admin/860/2021 22-12-2021 Link Officers of various divisions/units Click here
147 Administration Division Admin/861/2021 22-12-2021 Shri Brij Lal, DGM, ITPO has been nominated as a Member in the Steering Committee from Engineering. Click here
148 Administration Division Admin/847/2021 17-12-2021 Office order regarding HoD Charge of FS-II Division(Domestic Fair)-reg Click here
149 Administration Division - 08-12-2021


Click here
150 Administration Division Admn/64/2021 02-12-2021 Commemoration of Armed Forces Flag Day on 7th December 2021 and Appeal for raise funds on this occasion-regarding Click here
151 Administration Division Admin/809/2021 29-11-2021 DGM(D&D) and DGM(Elect.) will submit files to ED/CMD through Dr. K M Soni, Consultant. Click here
152 Administration Division Admin/60/2021 17-11-2021 Holidays to observed in ITPO's HQs during the year 2022. Click here
153 Administration Division Admin/751/2021 09-11-2021 Admit-I passes to the officials of ITPO at HQ, New Delhi for IITF-2021. Click here
154 Administration Division Admin/753/2021 09-11-2021 Distribution admit - I passes of IITF-2021 to retired employees of ITPO. Click here
155 Administration Division Admin/752/2021 09-11-2021 Distribution of Admit - I passes for each Division/Section/Unit for IITF-2021 Click here
156 Administration Division Admin/745/2021 08-11-2021 Nomination of Nodal Officers for Providing relevant material/documents/inputs to the consulting agency of M/s BCG-reg. Click here
157 Administration Division Admin/744/2021 08-11-2021 Regarding Division merge. Click here
158 Administration Division Admin/739/2021 02-11-2021 Transfers/Postings order. Click here
159 Administration Division Admin/53/2021 01-11-2021 Prior approval for Global Tender Enquiry under rule 161(iv) of general financial rules. Click here
160 Administration Division 11-ITPO(1/E-I)/2014(PART I) 01-11-2021 Action Plan for Swachhata Pakhwada (1st to 15th Nov, 2021) Click here
161 Administration Division Admin/53/2021 01-11-2021 Prior approval for Global Tender Enquiry under rule 161(iv) of general financial rules. Click here
162 Administration Division Admin/722/2021 27-10-2021 Request to be the member of the Advisory Committee of WE ITTC Click here
163 Administration Division Admn/721/2021 27-10-2021 Transfer/Posting Orders Click here
164 Administration Division Admn/707/2021 20-10-2021 Col. Pushpam Kumar, SM, OSD(Admin) is appointed as the Interim Chief Vigilance Officer (Part time). Click here
165 Administration Division Admin/696/2021 13-10-2021 Smt. Durgesh Nandni Batra, Manager has been nominated as the Nodal office in place of sh. Pankaj, Manager Click here
166 Administration Division Admin/676/2021 11-10-2021 Nomination of Nodal officer for the entire process of coordination and facilitate regular communication with DPE tram regarding PE Survey-rearding Click here
167 Administration Division Admin/646/2021 08-10-2021 Committee constitute to review the basket of perks & allowances-regarding Click here
168 Administration Division Admin/657/2021 07-10-2021 Delegation of Financial & Administrative Powers of FA&CAO until further orders-regarding. Click here
169 Administration Division Admin/659/2021 07-10-2021 Amendments in ITPO Leave Rules(a) relating to Encashment of Earned Leave-regarding Click here
170 Administration Division Admin/49/2021 06-10-2021 Office Order regarding passes to be issued for person required on final date of VVIP visit. Click here
171 Administration Division Admin/48/2021 04-10-2021 Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019-regarding Click here
172 Administration Division Admin/616/2021 04-10-2021 100 % Attendance Click here
173 Administration Division Admin/44/2021 23-09-2021 Public Procurement (Preference to make in India) order 2017-Notification of Telecom Goods, Services or Works-regarding Click here
174 Administration Division Admin/581/2021 20-09-2021 The Board of Directors in its 217th meeting held on 27.08.2021. Click here
175 Administration Division Admin/574/2021 17-09-2021 Assumption of Charge to the Post of ED, ITPO by Sh Vibhu Nayar,IAS( TN:1990) Click here
176 Administration Division Admin/562/2021 14-09-2021 Regarding Dearness Allowances and Perks & Allowances. Click here
177 Administration Division Admin/561/2021 14-09-2021 The inclusion of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment in the extant ITPO Medical Rules. Click here
178 Administration Division Admin./43/2021 13-09-2021 Global Tender Enquiry (GTE) under Rule 161(iv) of General Financial Rules (GFRs) 2017 Click here
179 Administration Division Corrigendum 07-09-2021 Corrigendum regarding O/o no. 546 dated 03.09.2021 for Diem Allowance for ITPO officials for deputation abroad for official work. Click here
180 Administration Division Admin/546/2021 06-09-2021 Diem Allowance for ITPO officers for deputation abroad for official work Click here
181 Administration Division Admin/528/2021 03-09-2021 The tenure of Sh. L.C. Goyal IAS(Retd.) CMD , ITPO , is extended for a further period of one year beyond 01/09/2021. Click here
182 Administration Division - 27-08-2021 Regarding ITPO Retirement Program Click here
183 Administration Division Admin/40/2021 24-08-2021 Measures taken to reduce the compliance burden for citizens and business activities-regarding Click here
184 Administration Division Admin/39/2021 24-08-2021 Revised consolidated instructions regarding Global Tender Enquiry (GTE) under Rule 161(iv) of General Financial Rules(GFRs) 2017 upto Rs 200 crore-regarding. Click here
185 Administration Division - 23-08-2021 Action Plan for Swachhata Pakhwada (1st to 15th November, 2021) Click here
186 Administration Division Admin/37/2021 19-08-2021 Issuance of Global Tender Enquiries (GTEs) inrespect of CPSEs selected by project executing agencies in MDBs/BFAs Click here
187 Administration Division Admin/36/2021 17-08-2021 Fit India Freedom run 2.0 to commemorate "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" from 13th August till 2nd October, 2021 Click here
188 Administration Division IILF_Chennai_Circle_31_10_2019 16-08-2021 The official charge of Bhairon Mandir parking is transferred to Estate Management Division of ITPO. Click here
189 Administration Division Admin/34/2021 16-08-2021 Flag Code of India, 2002. Click here
190 Administration Division Admin/35/2021 16-08-2021 The holiday on account of Muharram will now be observed on 20/08/2021 instead of 19/08/2021. Click here
191 Administration Division Admin/494/2021 13-08-2021 Functional Head & Link Officers of various division/section/units of ITPO Click here
192 Administration Division Admin/33/2021 12-08-2021 Rendition of the National Anthem on the occasion of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Click here
193 Administration Division Admn/28/2021 06-08-2021 Observation of National Handloom Day Click here
194 Administration Division Admin/475/2021 06-08-2021 Transfer /posting-regarding Click here
195 Administration Division Admin/476/2021 05-08-2021 Work allocation of Shri Bimal Kumar Dubey, IAS Click here
196 Administration Division Admin/474/2021 05-08-2021 Shri Vikash Kumar Singh, GM(Security) is appointed as the Interim Chief Vigilance Officer. Click here
197 Administration Division Admin/473/2021 05-08-2021 Sh. Bimal Kumar Dubey , IAS has been appointed as GM(IS) in ITPO on a Deputation. Click here
198 Administration Division Admin/27/2021 04-08-2021 ITPO officials may note that three areas in the Pragati Maidan would not be available for parking of vehicles on 05/08/2021. Click here
199 Administration Division Admin/465/2021 30-07-2021 Transfer /posting-regarding Click here
200 Administration Division Admin/451/2021 26-07-2021 Shri R K Thakur, DGM(Fin.) has been nominated for the purpose of Certificate of Registration issued to ITPO. Click here
201 Administration Division Admn/450/2021 26-07-2021 Shri Vikash Kumar Singh, GM(Security) and Shri Ravi Prakash Pareek, SM has been nominated as Nodal Officer and First Person Responsible respectively in KM Portal "SAMANVAY" and "DRISHTI" Dashboard Portal. Click here
202 Administration Division Admin/25/2021 26-07-2021 Ministry of Labour and Employment, Office of the Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner(Central) has take over the charge of Labour Enforcement Officer(Central). Click here
203 Administration Division Admn/418/2021 14-07-2021 Nominated as "authorized officer" to received notice under the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 & the Payment of Gratuity (Central) Rules, 1972 on behalf of ITPO-regarding Click here
204 Administration Division Admn./22/2021 29-06-2021 Proposed Clause to be included in tenders with respect to Vulnerability Atias of India-regarding. Click here
205 Administration Division Admin/385/2021 28-06-2021 Contract in respect of Dr. K M Soni as Consultant in ITPO is extended for a further period of six months beyond 13/07/2021. Click here
206 Administration Division Admin/ 360 /2021 14-06-2021 Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Attendance reg. Click here
207 Administration Division Admin/21/2021 11-06-2021 Voluntary Retirement Scheme(VRS)-2019 has been reintroduce w.e.f 01.07.2021-regarding Click here
208 Administration Division Admin/335/2021 31-05-2021 Attendance Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Click here
209 Administration Division Admin/333/2021 27-05-2021 Extended for a further period of one year beyond 27.05.2021 of Mrs. Richa Kaushik, Consultant . Click here
210 Administration Division Admin/ 324 /2021 24-05-2021 Exemption for ITPO officials to mark their attendance in Face recognition-based Biometric Attendance System shall remain in force till 30.05.2021. Click here
211 Administration Division Admin/ 323 /2021 21-05-2021 Transfer/Posting of Shri Surender Singh, DM and Shri Bijender Kumar, DM Click here
212 Administration Division Admin/310/2021 10-05-2021 Exemption for mark attendance in Face recognition-based Biometric Attendance System till 23.05.2021. Click here
213 Administration Division Admin/309/2021 07-05-2021 Attendance relaxations are being granted to the Caretaking Staff. Click here
214 Administration Division Admin/301/2021 30-04-2021 In view of the unprecedented rise in the numbers of Covid-19 cases_Policy for Attendance of ITPO Officials with effective from 03/05/2021 Click here
215 Administration Division Admin/300/2021 30-04-2021 Shri SR Sahoo, CS/GM being Link Officer of FA&CAO/Finance & Accounts, will look after the work of Estate Office, CS Unit, Law Division and Fair Services-II until further orders. Click here
216 Administration Division Admin/292/2021 27-04-2021 Regarding attendance during COVID-19 Pandemic at ITPO HQ. Click here
217 Administration Division Admin/282/2021 19-04-2021 Outstanding dues on account of official dealings while issuing NOC Click here
218 Administration Division Admin/261/2021 16-04-2021 Committee has been constituted for review of performance of M/s Alankit Assignment Limited as Point of Presence(PoP)-regarding Click here
219 Administration Division Admin/16/2021 16-04-2021 "Fire Service Week” will be observed in ITPO from 14th to 20th April 2021 and Fire Safety & Fire Warden training on 15th April, 2021 at 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs on Hall No 8 Conference Room and Fire Evacuation Drill on 16th April, 2021 for ITPO employees. Click here
220 Administration Division Admin/276 /2021 15-04-2021 In continuation to various orders of even number issued by Administration Division from time to time regarding attendance during Covid-19 pandemic and in line with the directions/guidelines issued by Delhi Disaster Management Authority, the following must be adhered to at ITPO Hqrs Click here
221 Administration Division Admin/17/2021 13-04-2021 Celebrate 130th Birth Anniversary of Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimroa Ambedkar on 15.04.2021 at 11:30 am in the committee Room-regarding Click here
222 Administration Division Admin/263/2021 09-04-2021 Freezing of Dearness Allowance . Click here
223 Administration Division Admin/264/2021 09-04-2021 Continuation of suspension of Leave Encashment. Click here
224 Administration Division Admin/16/2020 09-04-2021 Fire Service Week” will be observed in ITPO from 14th to 20th April 2021 and Fire Safety & Fire Warden training on 15th April, 2021 at 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs on Hall No 8 Conference Room and Fire Evacuation Drill on 16th April, 2021 for ITPO employees. Click here
225 Administration Division Admin/15/2021 08-04-2021 Offices of ITPO will remain closed on Wednesday, the 14th April, 2021 on account of Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Click here
226 Administration Division Admin/259/2021 08-04-2021 Amendments in Recruitment Rules _ Deputy Manager (Finance) and Jr. Assistant Click here
227 Administration Division Admin/14/2021 08-04-2021 Circular regarding HPL Click here
228 Administration Division Admin/256/2021 08-04-2021 Shri Vikash Kumar Singh, GM(Security/IT Services Division) is nominated as the Chairman of the steering committee constituted for the project. Click here
229 Administration Division Admin/245/2021 01-04-2021 Work allocation of Shri Vikash Kumar Singh, General Manager-regarding Click here
230 Administration Division Admin/40/2021 30-03-2021 Proposal involving financial implication-regarding Click here
231 Administration Division Admin/13/2021 30-03-2021 Strict compliance of the preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread COVID-19-regarding Click here
232 Administration Division Admin/40/2020 30-03-2021 CMD approval must for any Financial Implication. Click here
233 Administration Division Admn/12/2021 30-03-2021 Ministry of Jal Shakti has been organizing the Ganga Quest Click here
234 Administration Division Admin/12/2021 25-03-2021 Online national quiz on Ganga Quest-regarding Click here
235 Administration Division Admin/222/2021 24-03-2021 Functional Head & Link Officers-regarding Click here
236 Administration Division Admin/8/2021 19-03-2021 ITPO officers/officials must ensure strict compliance of instructions and directives of MoHFW in respect of COVID-19 protocol. Click here
237 Administration Division Admin/7/2021 12-03-2021 Consolidated list of Hospitals/Labs/Eye Centres on Panel of ITPO till 31/03/2023. Click here
238 Administration Division Admin/205/2021 10-03-2021 Col. Pushpam Kumar, SM, OSD(Admin) has been nominated as Nodal Officer in ITPO for training programme and send nominated officers details through OTND portal. Click here
239 Administration Division Admin/267/2021 09-03-2021 Reduce the existing level of perquisites from 30% to 25% for one year w.e.f. 01.04.2021 Click here
240 Administration Division Admin/181/2021 08-03-2021 Constitution of committee under chairmanship of OSD(Admin). for managing visitor registration module, security, route etc. for Aahar 2021. Click here
241 Administration Division Admin/184/2021 05-03-2021 Amendments of Trustees in CPF Trust in respect office order no. 122 dated 11.02.2021-regarding Click here
242 Administration Division Admin/179/2021 04-03-2021 Shri S A Azmi, SM(Admin) has been nominated as Nodal Officer in ITPO for provide the employees wise VRS optees data on DPE portal. Click here
243 Administration Division Admin/180/2021 04-03-2021 The trust of ITPO Employees Benevolent & Welfare Scheme has been reconstituted Click here
244 Administration Division Admin/169/2021 03-03-2021 Nomination of Observer for the election of the office bearers of ITPO Employees Union-regarding Click here
245 Administration Division Admin/166/2021 03-03-2021 ITPO Farewell Function Committee has been reconstituted for making arrangement. Click here
246 Administration Division Admin/167/2021 03-03-2021 Obtain labour license from Registering Officer & Assistant Labour Commissioner(Central)-regarding Click here
247 Administration Division Admin/161/2021 01-03-2021 regarding transfer/posting order  Click here
248 Administration Division Admin/143/2021 24-02-2021 Training of the selected apprentices in various Division/Section/Units of ITPO, the following shall govern ITPO and the concerned apprentices during their training. Click here
249 Administration Division Admin/115/2021 17-02-2021 Officer have been assigned additional charges . Click here
250 Administration Division - 17-02-2021 ITPO Service Regulations Rule Click here
251 Administration Division Admn/5/2021 16-02-2021 Farewell Function will be organised on 26.02.2021 at 4:30pm in Hall No. 11, ITPO, Pragati Maidan, ND-regarding Click here
252 Administration Division Admin/122/2021 15-02-2021 Revised Composition of the ITPO Employees Contributory Provident Fund Trust-regarding Click here
253 Administration Division Admin/54/2021 01-02-2021 Shri Vikash Kumar Singh has been appointed as General Manager (Security) in ITPO on a deputation basis for a period of three years w.e.f 25/01/2021. Click here
254 Administration Division Admin/52/2021 25-01-2021 Reconstituted of ITPO employees Defined Contribution superannuation trust-regarding Click here
255 Administration Division admin/39/2021 20-01-2021 Bio Metric Attendance System. Click here
256 Administration Division Admn/2/2021 13-01-2021 All the concerned in ITPO are requested to take a note of the OM's of Dept. of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance. Click here
257 Administration Division Admin/13/2021 07-01-2021 Shri Brij Lal, DGM and Shri Devender Pal, DGM has been nominated as CPIO and ACPIO respectively. Click here
258 Administration Division Admin/1/2021 04-01-2021 Holidays to observed in ITPO's HQs during the year 2021. Click here
259 Administration Division Admin/1073/2020 29-12-2020 Preventive measures to be taken during Covid 19 : Attendance reg Click here
260 Administration Division Admin/1066/2020 24-12-2020 Office order Admin_1066_2020 (SARS – CoV 2 virus (Variant Under Investigation (VUI)-20212/01) as reported by the Government of United Kingdom (UK) to World Health Organization (WHO). Click here
261 Administration Division Admin/40/2020 09-12-2020 All Proposals involving financial implication an in principle approval is to be obtained from the CMD ITPO . Click here
262 Administration Division Admn/1018/2020 26-11-2020 Discontinuation of VPF contribution with effect from November,2020. Click here
263 Administration Division Admn/36/2020 12-11-2020 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to be taken while holding of Business to Business (B2B) Trade Exhibitions to contain spread of Covid-19. Click here
264 Administration Division Admin/996/2020 12-11-2020 Nomination of Officers w.r.t Public Health Responses to COVID-19: Campaign for COVID Appropriate Behavior. Click here
265 Administration Division Admin/952/2020 06-11-2020 Shri Brij Lal , DGM(Arch.) has been nominated as an Alternative Central Public Information Officer (Alternative CPIO). Click here
266 Administration Division Admin/958/2020 03-11-2020 Maintaining Punctuality in ITPO offices timing . Click here
267 Administration Division Admin/34/2020 29-10-2020 Extended for two months Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) - 2019. Click here
268 Administration Division Admin/962/2020 21-10-2020 Amendment in ITPO Leave Rules 9(a) relating to Encashment of Earned Leave-regarding. Click here
269 Administration Division Admin/947/2020 19-10-2020 Amendments in the Recruitment Rules for promotion within Group 'A' officers. Click here
270 Administration Division Admin/887/2020 13-10-2020 Office Order regarding Centralized Procurement Cell (CPC) Committee. Click here
271 Administration Division Admin/32/2020 09-10-2020 Pledge in respect of COVID-19 regarding Click here
272 Administration Division Admin/17/2020 07-09-2020 Consolidated list of Hospitals/Labs/Eye Centres on Panel of ITPO. Click here
273 Administration Division ADMN/812/2020 26-08-2020 Resignation of Shri Rahul Kumar Meena Deputy Manager (Emp.No 1527) has been accepted. Click here
274 Administration Division Admin/805/2020 19-08-2020 HoDs are nominated as Link Officers. Click here
275 Administration Division Admin/767/2020 13-08-2020 Col. Pushpam Kumar, SM, OSD(Admin) is nominated as Chairman of Internal IECC Transition Committee. Click here
276 Administration Division Admin/601/2020 01-07-2020 Office Order No. Admin/601/2020 dated 30/06/2020 reg. Work allocation of GM(VM) and Shri Brij Lal, DGM Click here
277 Administration Division Admin/ 475 / 2020 05-06-2020 Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Attendance regarding. Click here
278 Administration Division 10-ITPO(2)/2018 04-06-2020 Order regrading Face Mask, etc. Click here
279 Administration Division 430 29-05-2020 Nomination Order - reg. Social Media Management Click here
280 Administration Division Admin/388/2020 22-05-2020 Transfers/Postings Click here
281 Administration Division Admin/389/2020 22-05-2020 Assigned Additional Charge Click here
282 Administration Division Admin/390/2020 22-05-2020 Senior manager will not be provided with personal assistant. Click here
283 Administration Division Admin/391/2020 22-05-2020 IECC Transition Committee Click here
284 Administration Division Admin/393/2020 22-05-2020 Divisions/Units are assigned to HOD. Click here
285 Administration Division Admn/13/2020 08-05-2020 Extended for two months Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) - 2019 Click here
286 Administration Division 5-ITPO(9)/E-I/2017 28-04-2020 Relieving order in reference of Ms.Chander P Murthy and Ms.Hemlata Dewnani. Click here
287 Administration Division 9-ITPO(2)/E-I/2019 28-04-2020 Circular reg. EL Encashment. Click here
288 Administration Division 9-ITPO(2)/E-I/2019 26-04-2020 Retirement of ITPO employees Click here
289 Administration Division 5-ITPO(9)/E-I/2017 24-04-2020 Relieving order Click here
290 Administration Division ITPO(9)/E-I/2017Vol 21-04-2020 Relieving Order of Ms. Savita Gupta, DM and Ms. Raksha Mangwal, AM Click here
291 Administration Division File No. 9-ITPO(3)/E-I/2019 20-03-2020 ADVISORY ON PREVENTIVE MEASURES AGAINST COVID-19 Click here
292 Administration Division Admin/192/2020 20-02-2020 Terminal benefits/NOC of team members deputed for any foreign event Click here
293 Administration Division Admin/7/2020 10-02-2020 Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) - 2019 has been extended till 30-04-2020. Click here
294 Administration Division Admin/26 04-02-2020 Foreign exhibitions in year 2020-21 with requirement of C&D services. Click here
295 Administration Division Admn/164/2020 03-02-2020 Nomenclature of the officials in E-0 pay scales. Click here
296 Administration Division Admn/154/2020 29-01-2020 Nomination order to receive notice under the payment of Gratuity Act 1972 & the payment of Gratuity (Central) Rules on behalf of ITPO and Form 'U' attached. Click here
297 Administration Division Admn/37/2019 22-01-2020 On completion of the overseas events with M AI grant the fair accounts as usual is to be submitted to finance division. Click here
298 Administration Division Admn/106/2020 16-01-2020 Link Officers Click here
299 Administration Division Admn/89/2013 08-01-2020 Regularization of attendance_non-punching in Bio-metric attendance system. Click here
300 Administration Division ADMN/33/2020 08-01-2020 Sh. Atul Kumar Gupta (Employee No. 1520) has been appointed as Senior Assistant (Electrical) w.e.f. 31st December,2019. Click here
301 Administration Division ADMN/1215/2014 03-01-2020 Amendment to ITPO Employees Benevolent and Welfare Scheme 1991. Click here
302 Administration Division Admin/1269/2019 01-01-2020 Sh. Sahil Aggarwal (Employee No. 1518) has been appointed as Deputy Manager (Design & Display) w.e.f 18th December 2019. Click here
303 Administration Division Admin/74/2019 30-12-2019 Sabbatical leave for ITPO Employees. Click here
304 Administration Division Admin/72/2019 26-12-2019 Holidays to observed in ITPO's HQs during the year 2020 Click here
305 Administration Division Admin/1265/2019 26-12-2019 Reallocation of the work at the level of Head of Divisions & equivalent Click here
306 Administration Division Admin/1237/2019 13-12-2019 Shri Puneet Kumar, Dy. Manager has been nominated as APIO. Click here
307 Administration Division Admin/68/2019 24-11-2019 Office Order Click here
308 Administration Division Admin/1117/2019 08-11-2019 Admit-I Passes of IITF 2019 to the retired employess of ITPO. Click here
309 Administration Division Admin/1110/2019 07-11-2019 Shri S R Sahoo, CS/GM(BDD) has been nominated as Trustee Member to ITPO Employees Defined Contribution Superannuation Trust . Click here
310 Administration Division Admin/59/2019 06-11-2019 Voluntary Retirement Scheme - 2019 Click here
311 Administration Division Admn/52/2019 23-10-2019 Compliance of inspection reports for improvement in security and safety of Pragati Maidan. Click here
312 Administration Division Admn/997/2019 01-10-2019 Rentals to be charged for the Foyer area of Hall no. 7 Click here
313 Administration Division Admin/991/2019 30-09-2019 Amendment/Addition in Rule 16 (1) and Rule 18 of the ITPO . Click here
314 Administration Division Admin/980/2019 23-09-2019 Sh Rajesh Agrawal, Executive Director is appointed as Interim Chief Vigilance Officer (Part- time) till concurrence from DOC/CVC is received. Click here
315 Administration Division Admin/943/2019 06-09-2019 The tenure of Shri L C Goyal, IAS (Retd.) CMD, ITPO is extended for a further period of one year beyond 01/09/2019 or until further orders, whichever is earlier. Click here
316 Administration Division Admin/925/2019 02-09-2019 Shri Rajesh Agrawal, IAS (MN:1994), Joint Secretary, Department of Commerce assumed the charge of the post of Executive Director, India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO). Click here
317 Administration Division ADMN/860/2019 07-08-2019 Mrs. Amrapali Dixit, has been appointed as Senior Manager (Security) by Direct Recruitment w.e.f 05th August 2019. Click here
318 Administration Division Admin/650/2019 27-06-2019 Shri Rajneesh , IAS charge of the post of Executive Director ITPO. Click here
319 Administration Division Admin/608/2019 21-06-2019 The term of deputation Shri Ajay Kumar Vashist , DIG , CRPF and GM(Security) in ITPO has been extended for a further period of one year w.e.f 30/06/2019. Click here
320 Administration Division Admin/568/2019 03-06-2019 Shri Sarvagya Kumar Srivastava as a consultant in ITPO is extended for further periods of three months beyond 31/05/2019. Click here
321 Administration Division ADMN/567/2019 30-05-2019 Amendment in recruitment rules for the post of general manager (Security). Click here
322 Administration Division Admn/33/2019 13-05-2019 Circular No. Admin/33/2019 reg. fire safety (to avoid fire broke out in the window AC ) Click here
323 Administration Division Admin/32/2019 10-05-2019 ITPO's Logo in orange color with white background. Click here
324 Administration Division Admin/21/2019 12-04-2019 Consolidated list of Hospitals/Labs/Eye Centres on Panel of ITPO. Click here
325 Administration Division Admin/18/2019 01-04-2019 voluntary retirement scheme Click here
326 Administration Division ADMN/152/2019 13-02-2019 Shri Sarvagya Kumar Srivatsava will continue as consultant in ITPO till 28 February 2019. Click here
327 Administration Division ADMN/120/2019 08-02-2019 Shri ACM Kumar , DGM has been nominated as Central Public Information Officer. Click here
328 Administration Division ITPO(1)/E-1/2019 08-02-2019 Transfer/Posting Order Click here
329 Administration Division - 08-02-2019 Implementing online HRMS and its integration with finance. Click here
330 Administration Division Admin/04/2019 21-01-2019 Medical id cards for ITPO employees Click here
331 Administration Division Admin/60/2018 12-12-2018 Holidays to be observed in ITPO's HQs during the year 2019 Click here
332 Administration Division Admn/2058/2018 26-11-2018 Rentals of first floor of new Halls Click here
333 Administration Division Admin/1015/2013 18-11-2018 Amendments to Housing Building Advance (Grant & Recovery) Rules of ITPO. Click here
334 Administration Division Admin/2055/2018 14-11-2018 Shri Asif Siraj Manager (Vig.) has been nominated as Nodal Officer to implement Tabacco Free Trade Fair . Click here
335 Administration Division Admn/1887/2018 22-10-2018 Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Act, 2017, Rule 11 (Maternity Leave) of ITPO Leave Rules. Click here
336 Administration Division 5-ITPO (5)/E-I/85 Vol-IV 13-09-2018 Board of trustees of ITPO Employees contributory Provident fund trust. Click here
337 Administration Division Admn/41/2018 04-09-2018 Contribute one day's Salary towards the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund. Click here
338 Administration Division Admn/1651/2018 04-09-2018 Modification of office order number 1531/2018 dated 06-08-2018. Click here
339 Administration Division Admin/1613/2018 27-08-2018 Shri S R Sahoo , Company Secretary has been nominated as Nodal Officer in ITPO. Click here
340 Administration Division Admn/1554/2018 14-08-2018 The tenure of Sh. L.C. Goyal IAS(Retd.) CMD , ITPO ,is extended for a further period of one year. Click here
341 Administration Division Admin/791/2018 12-07-2018 Office Order No. Admin/791/2018 dated 11th July, 2018 reg. modification in Para 2.5 (under Heading "Professional Level"). Click here
342 Administration Division Admin/775/2018 10-07-2018 Office Order No. Admin/775/2018 dated 10 July, 2018 reg. Nodal Office of Public Grievances Click here
343 Administration Division ADMN/735/2018 04-07-2018 Revision of Pay Scales w.e.f 01-01-2017 of unionised staff. Click here
344 Administration Division Admn/28/2018 03-07-2018 Consolidated list of Hospitals/Labs/Eye centres on panel of ITPO Click here
345 Administration Division - 25-06-2018 ITPO ECPF TRUST RULES Click here
346 Administration Division Admn/541/218 15-05-2018 ADVANCE PURCHASE OF AIR TICKETS FOR OVERSEAS TRAVEL Click here
347 Administration Division Admn/517/2018 08-05-2018 Upgraded to the post of private secretary are designated as Deputy Managers(NF). Click here
348 Administration Division Admn/514/2018 04-05-2018 Parking arrangements within Pragati Maidan. Click here
349 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 Application form of advance for buying personal computers and printers Click here
350 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 Application form for buying motor car / motorcycle / scooter / auto cycle Click here
351 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 Application Form for Festival Advance. Click here
352 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 Application for Cash Withdrawal of earned leave Click here
353 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 Application form for advance Click here
354 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 Leave application form Click here
355 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 Claim form for reimbursement of medical expenses Click here
356 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 Utilization certificate for household/recreation equipment advance Click here
357 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 Application Form for joining report . Click here
358 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 Application for withdrawal of funds from Future Fund Click here
359 Administration Division - 25-04-2018 proforma for seeking outstation permission. Click here
360 Administration Division Admn/465/2018 23-04-2018 Transfers as approved by the component authority. Click here
361 Administration Division 11012/7/2017-Estt.A-III 16-04-2018 Grant of Vigilance clearance for obtaining passport Click here
362 Administration Division ITPO/(2)CR/2018 03-04-2018 MOU Target 2017-2018 Online APR Submission. Click here
363 Administration Division Admin/338/2018 28-03-2018 Mrs. Karabi Mitra Mallick Executive (TDC) is promoted to the post of Deputy Manager. Click here
364 Administration Division Admin/336/2018 28-03-2018 Officers are promoted to the post of Deputy Managers. Click here
365 Administration Division Admin/339/2018 28-03-2018 Mrs. Savita Gupta and Mrs. Nirmala Azad are promoted to the post of Deputy Manager. Click here
366 Administration Division Admin/340/2018 28-03-2018 Sh. Raj Pal Singh , Executive (Steno) is promoted to the post of Private Secretary. Click here
367 Administration Division Admin/337/2018 28-03-2018 Sh. Swapan Shaw, Personal Assistant is promoted to the post of Deputy Manager. Click here
368 Administration Division Admin/282/2018 12-03-2018 Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees at Workplace. Click here
369 Administration Division ADMN/262/2018 12-03-2018 With the approval of the Competent Authority and with immediate effect, the following work allocations have been made at HOD level. Click here
370 Administration Division ADMN/261/2018 12-03-2018 Sh. Ashutosh Varma, Deputy General Manager is promoted to the post of General Manager. Click here
371 Administration Division - 08-03-2018 EL Encashment Form Click here
372 Administration Division Admn/149/2018 07-03-2018 Shri R.P. Pareek, Manager and Shri S.P. Panda, Manager are promoted to the post of Senior Manager. Click here
373 Administration Division ADMN/437/2017 07-03-2018 Promotion to the post of Deputy General Manager (Shri A C M Kumar). Click here
374 Administration Division Admn/270/2018 05-03-2018 Deputy Manager are promoted to post of Manager Click here
375 Administration Division ADMN/263/2018 05-03-2018 TRANSFERS/POSTINGS ORDER Click here
376 Administration Division Admn/12/2018 26-02-2018 Revised water tariffs at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Click here
377 Administration Division Admn/08/2018 09-02-2018 Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) 2018 Click here
378 Administration Division Admn/189/2018 09-02-2018 Nominations are made in ITPO under the Right to Information Act. 2005. Click here
379 Administration Division Admn/06/2018 05-02-2018 Notified Vacancies Click here
380 Administration Division ADMN/137/2018 25-01-2018 Sh. Sumit Kumar (Employee No. 1510) is appointed as Assistant(Accounts). Click here
381 Administration Division Admn/77/2017 21-12-2017 Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony Click here
382 Administration Division Admn/1036/2017 13-12-2017 Sh. Raj Kumar Singh , Deputy Manager (Electrical) is promoted to the post of Manager (Electrical). Click here
383 Administration Division - 21-11-2017 List of Closed and Restricted Holidays 2018 Click here
384 Administration Division admn/67/2017 18-11-2017 Observance of the Communal Harmony Week from 19 - 25, Nov. 2017. Click here
385 Administration Division - 18-11-2017 APPEAL Click here
386 Administration Division admin/862/2017 10-11-2017 Full Dress rehearsal of IITF-2017. Click here
387 Administration Division admin/861/2017 10-11-2017 attend the office on 11/11/2017 and 12/11/2017. Click here
388 Administration Division Admin/62/2017 06-11-2017 IITF-2017 working hours will be 9.00 am to 7.30 pm Click here
389 Administration Division - 21-09-2017 Implementation of Pension Scheme in ITPO w.e.f 01.01.2007. Click here
390 Administration Division 47/Admin/2017 14-09-2017 Implementation of NPS in ITPO. Click here
391 Administration Division Admin/702/2017 11-09-2017 Office order No. Admin/702/2017 . Click here
392 Administration Division Admin/703/2017 11-09-2017 Regarding air tickets and hotel accommodation booking. Click here
393 Administration Division Admin/46/2017 02-09-2017 Closing ceremony and award ceremony on 03/09/2017 at 12.00 noon Click here
394 Administration Division Admin/43/2017 01-09-2017

NPS Help Desk

Click here
395 Administration Division Admin/45/2017 01-09-2017 Visit of President of Switzerland in Craft Museum Click here
396 Administration Division Admin/674/2017 29-08-2017 The tenure of Sh. L.C. Goyal , IAS(Retd.), CMD , ITPO. Click here
397 Administration Division Admin/41/2017 28-08-2017 Regarding HRA Click here
398 Administration Division Admin/652/2017 23-08-2017 Partial modification to office order no. Admin/649/2017 dated 22/08/2017. Click here
399 Administration Division Admn/37/2017 14-08-2017 Observation of "Sadbhavana Diwas" on 18/08/2017. Click here
400 Administration Division Admin/629/2017 10-08-2017 Decided by the competent authority that publicity plan of each event (both domestic and foreign) will be finalized not less than 6 months before the event. Click here
401 Administration Division ADMN/611/2017 08-08-2017 Sh. Vivek Verma is appointed as Assistant(Accounts)w.e.f 24th July. Click here
402 Administration Division ADMN/612/2017 08-08-2017 Ms. Sualeha Naseer is appointed as Assistant(Accounts) w.e.f 26th July. Click here
403 Administration Division admin/35/2017 03-08-2017 India International Footwear Fair (IIFF) - August 4-6 2017 , Delhi Click here
404 Administration Division Admn/26/2017 19-06-2017 Celebration of 3rd International Day of Yoga on 21.06.2017 . Click here
405 Administration Division ADMN/333/2017 19-04-2017 Transfers/Postings Order Click here
406 Administration Division Admn/17/2017 17-04-2017 126th Birth Anniversary of Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. Click here
407 Administration Division Admin/277/2017 24-03-2017 With the approval of the Competent Authority and with immediate effect the following shifting arrangements are made in connection with IECC Project. Click here
408 Administration Division Admin/205/2017 01-03-2017 With the approval of competant Authority the "ITPO Employee Defined Contribution Superannuation Trust" has been constituted/formed. Click here
409 Administration Division Admin/14/2017 01-03-2017 Pursuant of DPE Guidelines issued vide O.M. No.(70)/08-DPE(WC)dated 26-11-2008 and O.M No.2(81)/08-DPE(WC)-GL-XVI/2009 dated 08-07-2009, DOC has approved pension Schemefor employees of ITPO. Click here
410 Administration Division Admn/142/2017 14-02-2017 Office Order No. Admn/142/2017 dated 13th February, 2017 regarding nominated PIO and DPIO. Click here
411 Administration Division Admn/151/2017 14-02-2017 Shri Rajneesh, IAS (HP:1997), JS, DoC assumed the charge of ED, ITPO in addition to his existing charge. Click here
412 Administration Division 1-ITPO(2)/CR/2015-16 09-02-2017 Reminder Click here
413 Administration Division Admn/8/2017 25-01-2017 Observance of silence on 30th January in the memory of those who gave their lives in the struggle for India's freedom. Click here
414 Administration Division Admn/7/2017 25-01-2017 Supersession of circular No Admn/06/2017 dated 20th January. Click here
415 Administration Division Admin/58/2017 23-01-2017 New Year Calendar 2017 Click here
416 Administration Division ADMN/26/2017 20-01-2017 Sh. Santokh Singh, Sh. R M Gedam and Sh. Harpal Singh are promoted to the post of Manager. Click here
417 Administration Division Admn/27/2017 20-01-2017 Sh. Tapas Basu is promoted to post of Manager. Click here
418 Administration Division ADMN/33/2017 20-01-2017 Deputy Managers(TDC) and Private Secretary(TDC) are promoted to the post of Manager(TD Cadre). Click here
419 Administration Division Admn/31/2017 20-01-2017 Manager (General Cadre) are promoted to the post of Senior Manager (General Cadre). Click here
420 Administration Division ADMN/32/2017 20-01-2017 Sh. S.H. Azmi, Mrs. Rumela Roy Das are promoted to post of Senior Manager. Click here
421 Administration Division ADMN/34/2017 20-01-2017 Sh. Vijay Pal, Deputy Manager (Security)is promoted the post of Manager (Security). Click here
422 Administration Division ADMN/85/2016 28-12-2016 Restriction on Current Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2015 (VRS-2015) upto 31.12.2016 Click here
423 Administration Division ADMN/961/2016 28-12-2016 Redesignations of Officers with immediate effect Click here
424 Administration Division ADMN/962/2016 28-12-2016 Sh. S.R.Sahoo, Company Secretary (GM level officer) is designated as Transparency Officer replacing Mrs. Hema Maity, DGM Click here
425 Administration Division ADMN/946/2016 22-12-2016 Sh. D.K.Nangia, Deputy General Manager is promoted to the post of General Manager. Click here
426 Administration Division ADMN/947/2016 22-12-2016 Sh. S.R.Sahoo, Company Secretary (DGM level) is promoted to the post of Company Secretary (GM level). Click here
427 Administration Division ADMN/949/2016 22-12-2016 Sh. Prem Singh, Senior Manager (Trade Development Cadre) is promoted to the post of Deputy General Manager (Trade Development Cadre). Click here
428 Administration Division ADMN/948/2016 22-12-2016 Sh. V.Narayanan, Sh. J.L.Gupta, Sh. V.K.L.Chaurasis, Sh. A.C.M.Kumar, Senior Manager is promoted to the post of Deputy General Manager. Click here
429 Administration Division 5 ITPO(4)/E-I/ 2007 - IITF 14-11-2016 Location of ambulances & first aid booths in pragati maidan : iitf 2016 Click here
430 Administration Division Admn/759/2016 18-10-2016 Criteria for promotion in respect of Group A,B & C officials Click here
431 Administration Division Admn/60/2016 26-09-2016 Dr. Lal Path Labs Ltd is on panel of ITPO Click here
432 Administration Division Admn/718/2016 26-09-2016 Board of Directors in its 198th Meeting held on 24/08/2016 has approved closure of ITPO’s Regional Office at Bengaluru w.e.f. 30/09/2016 Click here
433 Administration Division Admn/647/2016 06-09-2016 Distribution of Admit-I pasees to officials of ITPO at headquarters for IITF 2016 Click here
434 Administration Division Admn/646/2016 06-09-2016 Distribution of Admit-I pasees for each Division/Unit for IITF 2016 Click here
435 Administration Division Admn/648/2016 06-09-2016 Distribution of Admit-I pasees for retired employees of ITPO for IITF 2016 Click here
436 Administration Division Admn/256/2015 05-09-2016 Restructured Medical Benefit scheme for ITPO Employees Click here
437 Administration Division Admn/613/2016 19-08-2016 Sh. Vikas Malhotra GM(IT) has been nominated as First Appellate Authority of ITPO Click here
438 Administration Division Admn/612/2016 19-08-2016 Shri. D K Jain, DGM(Admin) has been nominated as Nodal Officer ITPO for Public Grievances Click here
439 Administration Division Admn/52/2016 19-08-2016 Consolidated list of Hospitals/Labs/Eye centres on panel of ITPO Click here
440 Administration Division Admn/608/2016 17-08-2016 Criteria for promotion in respect of Group A,B & C officials Click here
441 Administration Division Admn/571/2016 05-08-2016 Sh. D K Jain, DGM will be overall in-charge of Administration Division. Sh. Vikas Malhotra GM(IT) will look after the work of Design & Display Unit. Click here
442 Administration Division Admn/521/2016 12-07-2016 Non-CGHS hospitals empanelled in Delhi/NCR region Click here
443 Administration Division Admn/472/2016 01-07-2016 Formation of Desk System in Fair Services-I (FS-I) Click here
444 Administration Division Admn/408/2016 28-06-2016 Mrs. Shubhra Singh, IAS is appointed as Chief Vigilance Officer of ITPO Click here
445 Administration Division 9-ITPO(23)/E-I/88 24-05-2016 Nomination of Sh. Prem Singh, SM as L.O. for SC/ST/OBC Click here
446 Administration Division Admn/344/2016 11-05-2016 Details of nominated Link Officers Click here
447 Administration Division 5- ITPO(1) /E-I/2015 03-05-2016 Corrigendum - Office Order dated 02-05-2016 regarding Empanelment of Hospitals (Remote Areas) with ITPO Click here
448 Administration Division Admn/309/2016 02-05-2016 Empanelment Hospitals (Remote Areas) with ITPO Click here
449 Administration Division ADMN/289/2016 21-04-2016 ITPO Employees (Conduct, Discipline & Appeal) Rules Click here
450 Administration Division 5-ITPO(1)E-I/2015 19-04-2016 Empanelment of Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers with ITPO Click here
451 Administration Division 5-ITPO(5)E-I/2013 Vol-II 19-04-2016 Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2015 Click here
452 Administration Division -- 13-04-2016 DELEGATION OF FINANCIAL & ADMINISTRATIVE POWERS RULES Click here
453 Administration Division 13-04-2016 ITPO Employees Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity Rules, 1979. Click here
454 Administration Division 13-04-2016 ITPO LEAVE RULES Click here
455 Administration Division -- 13-04-2016 ITPO MEDICAL RULES Click here
456 Administration Division Admn./883/2008 dt.11.07.2008 13-04-2016 ITPO COMPUTER ADVANCE (GRANT AND RECOVERY) RULES Click here
457 Administration Division Admn.900/96 dt. 8.10.96 13-04-2016 CONVEYANCE ADVANCE (GRANT AND RECOVERY) RULES Click here
458 Administration Division 13-04-2016 INCENTIVISED ASSURED CAREER PROGRESSION SCHEME (IACP) Click here
459 Administration Division 13-04-2016 House Building Advance(Grant & Recovery) Rules Click here
460 Administration Division 13-04-2016 Recruitment rules Click here
461 Administration Division 9-ITPO(1)/E-1/2015 10-02-2016 Circular No. Admn/14/2016 dated 10/02/2016 regarding File Maintenance Click here
462 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(2)/E-I/2015 08-12-2015 Office Order No.Admin/997/2015 Click here
463 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(2)/E-I/2015 08-12-2015 Designation/rationalization of Divisions in ITPO along with subjects/units allocated to each Division and allocation of Divisions among HODs (Office Order No. Admin/998/2015) Click here
464 Administration Division Office Order # Admn/791/2015 24-09-2015 Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees at workplace Click here
465 Administration Division 4-ITPO(11)/E-I/2009 02-09-2015 Office Order # Admin./735/2015 Click here
466 Administration Division Office Order No. ADMIN/601/2015 24-07-2015 Restructured Medical Benefit Scheme for ITPO Employees Click here
467 Administration Division 3/ITPO(1)/E-I/2015 07-07-2015 Office order No. Admn/499/2015 Click here
468 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(2)/E-I/2015 14-05-2015 Calendar of Events for Domestic Fairs during the year 2015-16 to be organized by ITPO Click here
469 Administration Division 5-ITPO(10)/E-I/77 Vol-VI 09-04-2015 Office Order No. Admn/289/2015 regarding empanelled hospitals/nursing homes Click here
470 Administration Division 5-ITPO (3)/E-I/2009 Vol-I 24-03-2015 Restructured Medical Benefit Scheme for Employees Click here
471 Administration Division 5-ITPO(3)E-I/2009-Vol- I 05-03-2015 Admin/13/2015/ List of Hospitals in Delhi Click here
472 Administration Division No.5-ITPO(1)/E-I/91 Vol.II 25-11-2014 Admn/1215/2014 Click here
473 Administration Division No.14-ITPO(2)/E-I/2009 07-11-2014 Admn/1162/2014 Click here
474 Administration Division No. 11-ITPO(I)/E-I/2014 15-10-2014 ADMN/86/2014 Click here
475 Administration Division F.No.4-ITPO(12)/E-I/2012 10-10-2014 ADMN/1063/2014 Click here
476 Administration Division F.No.4-ITPO(12)/E-I/2012 10-10-2014 ADMN/1062/2014 Click here
477 Administration Division 10-ITPO(1)/E-I/2008 07-10-2014 ADMN/ 2009 Click here
478 Administration Division 10-ITPO(1)/E-I/2008 07-10-2014 ADMN/E-III Click here
479 Administration Division 10-ITPO(8)/E-I/2008 07-10-2014 ADMN/ 2010 Click here
480 Administration Division 10-ITPO(1)/E-I/2008 02-10-2014 ADMN/1116/2008 Click here
481 Administration Division PM/ Message-2014 01-10-2014 PM-2014 Click here
482 Administration Division No. 11-ITPO(I)/E-I/2014 01-10-2014 ADMN/82/2014 Click here
483 Administration Division F.NO.4-ITPO(9)/E-I/2013 22-09-2014 ADMN/1017/2014 Click here
484 Administration Division F.NO.4-ITPO(9)/E-I/2013 22-09-2014 ADMN/1015/2014 Click here
485 Administration Division F.NO.4-ITPO(9)/E-I/2013 22-09-2014 ADMN/1016/2014 Click here
486 Administration Division F.No.5-ITPO(3)/E-I/78 Vol-II 15-09-2014 ADMN/981/2014 Click here
487 Administration Division No.9-ITPO(40)/E-I/93 12-09-2014 Circular No. Admn/76/2014 Click here
488 Administration Division F.No.9-ITPO(1)/E-I/2014 01-08-2014 ADMIN/826/2014 Click here
489 Administration Division No.2-ITPO(1)/E-I/2014 23-07-2014 Office Order No. ADMN./802/2014 Click here
490 Administration Division 9-ITPO(1)/E-I/2014 15-07-2014 Circular # Admin/58/2014 Click here
491 Administration Division F.No.4-ITPO(12)/E-I/2012 24-06-2014 Office order # ADMN/694/2014 Click here
492 Administration Division No.8-ITPO(2)/E-I/2012 06-06-2014 Office Order No. ADMN./612/2014 Click here
493 Administration Division No.4-ITPO(4)/E-I/2013 06-06-2014 OFFICE ORDER NUMBER ADMN/613/2014 Click here
494 Administration Division F.No.4-ITPO(12)/E-I/2012 06-06-2014 Office Order No. ADMN./595/2014 Click here
495 Administration Division No.5-ITPO(8)/E-I/2013 21-05-2014 Office Order No. ADMN./511/2014 Click here
496 Administration Division F.No.4-ITPO(12)/E-I/2012 21-05-2014 Office Order No.ADMN/55/2014 Click here
497 Administration Division F.No.4-ITPO(12)/E-I/2012 21-05-2014 Office Order No.ADMN/548/2014 Click here
498 Administration Division F.No.5-ITPO(8)/E-I/2013 21-05-2014 Office Order No. ADMN./512/2014 Click here
499 Administration Division ADMN./34/2014 07-05-2014 Whistle Blower Policy Click here
500 Administration Division Admn./786/2013 05-05-2014 Prevention of sexual harassment of women employees at workplace Click here
501 Administration Division 9-ITPO(18)/E-I/93-VOL.II 02-05-2014 Nodal Officer for Public/Staff Grievances and Electronic Grievances Click here
502 Administration Division No.5-ITPO(3)/E-I/78-Vol.II 24-04-2014 Encashment of Earned Leave and Half Pay Leave to employees at the time of retirement Click here
503 Administration Division No.9-ITPO(3)-E-I/2014 24-04-2014 Office Order No. ADMN./428/2014 Click here
504 Administration Division ITPO2014/PHOSP 07-03-2014 PANNELED HOSPITALS AS ON 03/03/2014 Click here
505 Administration Division NO. 5-ITPO(3)/E.I/2009 – VOL. – I 21-10-2013 Employees Pension Scheme (EPS), 1995 for ex-TFAI employees who retired on or after 1.11.2011 Click here
506 Administration Division Office Order # Admn/786/2013 08-08-2013 Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees at workplace Click here
507 Administration Division 5-ITPO(10)\E.I./77-Vol.VI 16-07-2013 Panel List of Hospitals Click here
508 Administration Division F. No. 14-ITPO(8)/E-I/77 Vol-II 03-07-2013 Office Order No.ADMN/44/2013 Click here
509 Administration Division F.No.9-ITPO(II)/E-I/99 02-07-2013 Circular # Admn/43/2013 - Innovation Award Scheme Click here
510 Administration Division No.-ITPO(4)/E-I/2013 28-06-2013 Office Order No.ADMN/646/2012 Click here
511 Administration Division No.-ITPO(4)/E-I/2013 28-06-2013 Office Order No.ADMN/644/2013 Click here
512 Administration Division No.-ITPO(4)/E-I/2013 28-06-2013 Office Order No.ADMN/645/2012 Click here
513 Administration Division Office Order No. Admn./........./2012 01-10-2012 Duty Roster of the Officers/officials for the months September, 2012 to February, 2013. Click here
514 Administration Division F.No.5-ITPO(2)/E-I/TRG/2012 25-09-2012 Contributory Provident Fund Trust Click here
515 Administration Division F.No.4-ITPO(26)/E-I/2010 Vol-I 17-09-2012 Appointment Order (DM) Click here
516 Administration Division F.No.4-ITPO(34)/E-I/2008 Vol-I 14-09-2012 Penalty for Unauthorised Vendors in Pragati Maidan Click here
517 Administration Division 2-ITPO(1)E-I/2012 09-08-2012 Revised work allocation among General Managers Click here
518 Administration Division File No. 5-ITPO(2)/E-I/94-Vol-VI 08-08-2012 Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS), 2012-13 Click here
519 Administration Division 9-ITPO(5)/E-I/2012 03-05-2012 Gol resolution on the Public Interest Disclosure & Protection of Informers (PIDDI)-Guidelines thereon-reg. Click here
520 Administration Division 9-ITPO(4)/E-I/2007 18-04-2012 Circular file CMD Click here
521 Administration Division 17-04-2012 Rules of governing allotment of ITPO’s residential accommodation Click here
522 Administration Division OFFICE ORDER NO. ADMN./437/94 17-04-2012 Rules Of Amendment to ITPO (Ex-TFAI)s TA/LTC 1982 Click here
523 Administration Division Exh./Genl/57(1)/2012 14-02-2012 FFD-Co-ordination Click here
524 Administration Division F.No.ITPO/TVL/17/98 09-02-2012 Facility withdrawn regarding issue of official Passport Click here
525 Administration Division F.No.5-ITPO(5)/E-I/2009 22-09-2011 Reimbursement of Telephone & Newspaper Allowance Click here
526 Administration Division 30-11--0001 ITPO Employees Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity Rules, 1979. Click here

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